June 27, 2011

7 Days Wrap-Up: Summer 2011 Edition

I'm part of a really awesome group on Flickr called 7 Days, in which members post self-portraits every day for seven days.  Two of the days are theme days (different every time), and this summer edition was my second time to participate.  (You can view my Spring submissions here.)

Seriously you guys?  This group of people is at least 10 kinds of badass.  I have SO much fun looking at everyone's creative, fun, beautiful, silly (insert other adjectives as you will) submissions and reading their comments.  I will spend SO much time going through and commenting on everyone else's photos and laughing my head off (comment love is what it's alllllll about, yo). 

You should definitely join the group.  Just click on the link up there, and send a request, and play along with us in the fall!

So, here are my photos from this round, along with my captions:

7 Days, Day 1 -- Freckles & Lip Gloss

Hooray! 7 Days is back!

I thought this might be a good start to the Summer 7 Days cycle because it features some of my summer staples: freckled shoulders, sundresses, and lip gloss!

It's a toasty 102 degrees in Texas today, and I'd MUCH rather be out by the pool drinking frosty beverages, but lunch with the in-laws called. I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday!

7 Days, Day 2 - Celebrating in Style! (Theme: BLACK)

As I mentioned yesterday, my father-in-law and his wife are in town this weekend. Tonight we celebrated both Father's Day AND his 60th birthday!

We were told to dress up, and imagine our surprise when a BLACK limo picked us up! I was wearing a BLACK strapless BCBG dress and hubs was wearing a BLACK shirt and coat.

We went to the Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas, where we spent a GLORIOUS 3.5 hours eating and drinking some incredible cuisine and having awesome conversation with family we haven't seen since our 2008 wedding.

It was an excellent day!

7 Days, Day 3 -- God, I Hope I Get It!

I was really hoping to be able to pull off this shot, and I'm pretty happy with it!

Tonight, I went to an audition for the musical "Gypsy" at a really amazing local theatre (only one in the area that uses 35-40 piece orchestras to play original Broadway orchestrations).

I sang really well, and I'm happy with it -- no matter how it turns out!

(Bonus points if you catch the reference in the title & the homage that is my pose!)

7 Days, Day 4 -- A Watched Pot

On the menu tonight? Chicken spaghetti. But it takes SO long for the water to boil and it gets SO warm in my kitchen in the summer that an ice cold Corona seemed to be just what the doctor ordered!

7 Days, Day 5 -- Sign says (woo!) "Stay away, fools!" (Theme: WHITE)

'Cause love rules...at the lo-o-o-ve shack! This is a GREAT new place to eat in Denton, TX -- the Love Shack!

I wore a white shirt today hoping to find a photo op to fit today's theme, and when Whitney (my sweet friend who helped me snap the photo) suggested lunch here I remembered the AWESOME wall outside! Voila!

7 Days, Day 6 -- In the Summertime
(note: this is a screenshot of a video submission)

It's been an interesting day. I got about 3 hours of sleep (I don't even know why...), I was up at the gym by 6am and at work by 7:30...then I had a doctor's appointment and found out I have SHINGLES. GAH! And might I add, "Ouch." I feel like a leper or something.

Also? It's back up to a kerjillion degrees outside, which makes it a gazillion and ten inside my car. But the local Oldies station was playing some summertime favorites so I decide to have a little fun for my 7 Days submission today.

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY.

7 Days, Day 7 -- Day of Rest

This is what I've been doing allllll day. I slept 12 hours last night, went to lunch with the hubby, nearly fell asleep on the 15 minute drive home, then took a 3 hour nap.

Think my body is trying to tell me something?

I'm feeling better, but the medication is making me feel a little weird. I hate ending 7 Days feeling under the weather,but once again, I've had a GREAT time!

I hope to see you all again in the Fall!


So that's it for this round of 7 Days!  Come play with us next time around!  It's SO much fun!

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