June 17, 2011

Fitness Friday!

(Don't you love how I'm suddenly assigning all these days? Tuesday Tunes...LWL Wednesday...now Fitness Friday?  Let's see how long any of them actually last.  But I do thrive on having structure, so maybe this is a good thing.  Anyway...)

Happy Friday, bloggers and readers!  How has your week been? 

Honestly, I feel like this week has kind of been a blur.  Some of you know about my...um...interesting Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, which included an unexpected 1am drive to downtown Dallas to make sure someone got home safely.  Guh.  Not the best thing to happen the very week I decide to start trying 6am workouts. 

But! I am happy to say that I did run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Wednesday was rough!), and I did weight/cross-training on Tuesday and Thursday.  And I did make it to the gym at 6am on Monday, Thursday and today. 

Making sure that those little curve balls didn't throw off my goals was a pretty big step. And, even though I'm really worn out today, it's that productive, accomplished kind of tired. Woot!

I've been doing these early morning workouts with my Mom, who is kind of a beast.  She's never really considered herself a runner, though, so it's been something new and challenging for her, too (even though she still leaves me in her dust.  Darn long legs...which I did not inherit. How is that fair?).  Today she wanted to try an outside run, even though it was already 80 degrees at 6am and so humid it felt like we were drinking the air rather than breathing it.  But we did it!

It's hillier than I thought it was...so I'm glad that's why it felt hard and not because I was just struggling.  I was very proud of Mom, too!  I definitely earned that Starbucks skinny hazelnut latt√© I went and got after my run!

So! It's gonna be a good day.  I'm happy, I'm wearing green, and I'm excited about all the family time happening this Father's Day weekend. 

Have a great weekend!

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