January 5, 2009

2008: A Survey

I'm not feeling very inspired, but as I'm supposed to blog every day for NaBloPoMo, I'll cheat today and do a survey.

Where did you begin 2008?
At Dana's apartment in Brookline, MA. We left immediately after midnight b/c I'd been so sick.

What was your status by Valentine's Day?
Engaged, deciding to move back to Texas.

Were you in school (anytime this year)?
I was not.

Did you have to go to the hospital?
Only to visit people, which sucked.

Did you have any encounters with the police?
Just the one douchebag that pulled us over on Rte 1 and was a complete JERK.

Where did you go on vacation?
Well, we went to Disney World on our Honeymoon.

What did you purchase that was over $500?
A wedding.

Did you know anybody who got married?
SEVERAL: myself, my brother, and my Knotties of course.

Did you know anybody who passed away?
Yes. :(

Did you move anywhere?
To Texas from Boston

What sporting events did you attend?
We went to a Cowboys/Eagles Monday Night Football game back in September.

What concerts/shows did you go to?
I don't think any, other than what we performed in. We were saving money like crazy.

Where do you live now?

What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2008?
Got a house.

What has/have been your favorite moment(s)?
Getting married. :)

What's something you learned about yourself?
That I'm able to find a positive in (almost) any situation. It makes the day-to-day crap much easier to bear.

Any new additions to your family?
I gained a sister-in-law when my brother got married, and a whole new set of in-laws when I got married.

What was your best month?

What music will you remember 2008 by?
The songs I picked for my wedding DVD.

Any regrets?
Not ONE.

What do you want to change in 2009?
I want to spend more time on the stage, and I want to of course be healthier. Continue to work on my marriage, and continue with the difficult task of being a positive person most, if not all, the time.

Overall, how would you rate(or award) this year?
Probably the best year of my life so far.

What would you change about 2008?
I would have more money. I know it's not important, but it sure eases the stress.

Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?

Change your hairstyle?
Nope. It just keeps growing.

Get a new job?
Yes I did! I started in October.

Do you have a New Year's resolution?
See a few questions up...

Did anything embarrassing?
Oh, a few. :)

What was/were your favorite purchase[s]?
Wedding and honeymoon (they count!)

Get married or divorced?
Yes, I got married (duh).

Be honest - did you watch American Idol?
Occasionally...not with as much regularity as I have in other seasons.

Did you get sick this year?
YES! Bronchitis knocked me on my ass in January/February.

Start a new hobby?
Working on the house, I guess.

Been snowboarding?
No thank you.

Are you happy to see 2008 go?
In some ways, because it's no use looking backward. But it was a wonderful year.

Drank Starbucks in 2008?
Um, really? Of course.

What are you wishing for in 2009?
A healthy family. That's all. I feel too blessed to ask for more!

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  1. No regrets... always a good thing.

    Happy 2009.