January 10, 2009

We'll be here all week

(photo above taken by and all rights belong to Lynn Michelle)
If we ever go on the road together, this is totally going to be our promotional poster picture. Though it wouldn't really give you a good idea of what our real talents are. This is the poster of a comedy duo or an improv theatre group, not two singers (one of whom is all degree'd up and classically trained). But I love it. It makes me LOL every time I look at it. We look sooooo excited, no?
Yeah there is no point to this blog. I'm only doing it in the spirit of NaBloPoMo, when I am really not feeling great tonight. This Texas weather (75 one day, 40 the next) is kicking my hiney, and I'm just feeling blue overall at the moment.
I hope to be back tomorrow with more better stuff (like news of an Eagles win, perhaps?). Happy Saturday Night!

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