January 15, 2009

Catching Up

Yes, I missed a day yesterday. I officially suck at NaBloPoMo. Though really, it gets tedious to try to post something every day. Wouldn't you rather go a couple of days between reading blogs on a site and have what you DO read be quality stuff, rather than posting just for posting's sake? Yes, I'm trying to get out of taking responsibility for NaBloPoMo FAIL, you got me. :)

But seriously folks, I was NOT a happy camper yesterday. I got to work around 8am as usual, and was just feeling...off. By noon I was on my way home, trying not to yak in the car. I went right to bed and woke up after an hour with a blinding headache, took some Excedrin migraine, and slept til 4:30. Finally felt okay (but sick hungry) when I woke up and throughout most of rehearsal. Yeesh.

And today I feel a lot better but I have been BUSY (which you'd know if you realized that I've had this post up and have been working on it since 8:30 this morning) at work catching up. It's better than being bored I suppose, right? :) Right.

So back to not feeling well...

I seriously don't know what's wrong with me lately. I'm constantly hungry, so maybe I have a tapeworm. I also just feel very blah in general. I think it might be because I've made a somewhat drastic change in my diet recently, and I'm trying to get my body used to life with smaller (read: more appropriate) portions and no Dr. Pepper (except on the weekends...I'm not a machine, people) so therefore very little sugar and caffeiene. I'm hoping that this all balances out in a few days so I can get to feeling normal again (whatever that means).

Okay I've lost all train of thought since I've had to piecemeal this blog together, so I'll be back tomorrow with better stuff, I hope. :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Dude. I hate you. NO i'm not pregnant! :)

  2. The lack of caffeine is probably a contributor to the headaches. I was about the ask the same question as Smash, actually :-)

    Oh, and a big YES it's better to read what people really feel like writing and not something that they force out to meet the criterion for some silly writing exercise :-)

  3. LOL

    I bet it's the change in diet and lack of DP's in your life ;)

    I was wondering what happened to you yesterday.

  4. Not trying to be funny, but um...symptoms sound awfully familiar. :) If you're 100% sure it's impossible, then maybe you do have a bug of some kind, but if there's even a tiny doubt you may want to consider taking a little "quiz." :)

  5. No Dr. Pepper and cold winter lack of sun could totally be the cause. Of course, you could always pee on a stick just to prove Smash wrong.

  6. Soo..you got an award...go check it out on my blog.

    And if you are pregnant, do NOT share that water with me. LOL