January 9, 2009

Testing, 1...2...

Wow. There's nothing like resolving to begin and continue 2009 with being positive to test the Fates, is there?

In the past 24 hours alone I have learned that:

  • Someone I respect and admire VERY much was laid off from his job

  • A friend via the internets has suffered a devastating miscarriage (is there any other kind?)

  • A wonderful friend from HS is in the hospital. I can guess why, but the other friend who told me doesn't feel at liberty to elaborate without my friend's permission (which is frustrating, but which I can completely respect).

It's just...I don't know...really hard to digest sometimes without allowing the stress to overwhelm me. The emotional being that pervades most of the time wants to start to hyperventilate, cry, etc. until things get resolved, but the tinier (yet growing stronger) part of me that sees logic and the power of prayer and calm is slowly making herself a more prominent fixture.

Alone, I can handle these events. When thrown at me BAM BAM BAM without warning, it's a bit harder to comprehend and take a step back from it all and compartmentalize.

I think that the hardest part for me is that every part of me wants to fix things for them. I'm a bleeding heart, and I freely admit that.

So, rather than panicking, I'm blogging, so that the time it takes to type everything out allows time for me to take deep breaths, pause, and lift each one of them and their families up in prayer that God will hold them in His healing hands (whether or not they want Him to) and make their burdens light.


  1. Sounds like a great way to handle the stress.

  2. It is a lot of awful news and I am so sorry. HUGS!

  3. Thanks for thinking of us, Mandy. Your prayers and kind thoughts are truly appreciated and mean so much.