January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Well, like it or not, today we usher in a new president of the United States. Whether or not you voted for him, it's happening anyway and I hope that everyone can agree that we are due for some changes in our country (ahem, and in our economy) and that we can all rally behind President Obama for what is sure to be a very interesting next few years. God bless you, Mr. Obama, and...well...best of luck. :)

So, how was everyone's long weekend?

Here's a quick recap of mine:

Mini-cast parties had: 1

Traffic tickets gotten for MA license plates: 1

Times I've nearly sliced off my finger with a brand new kitchen knife: 1 (I am wearing the Peanuts band-aid to prove it)

NFC Championships won: 0. ZERO. Jerks.

Pairs of new jeans purchased at Kohl's: 1

Dresses found that will be perfect for my costume for the show: 1

YouTube videos that have made me laugh til I cried: 1 (see post below)

Times I've worked out: 3 (!!!!!!!)

So yes, it's been both a productive and a frustrating weekend, to say the very least. I did get a stupid traffic ticket for having Massachusetts license plates, still, which I think is RIDICULOUS. I mean honestly. The car is insured and the inspection is current. I really don't think it should matter. Whatever. At least, since I got pulled over for speeding, he only gave me the ticket for the plates, so hopefully I can get them replaced ASAP and get the ticket dismissed.

Yes, I nearly thought I'd have to go to the emergency room on Sunday night when I was washing dishes, which included one of our very new, very sharp knives and I nearly took the top half of my index finger off. All is well, though, and I have a bright and happy band-aid on it.

Yes, the Eagles nearly gave me a heart attack. But is this really news? They should have just lost it badly as they were the entire first half of the game. But noooooooooooo, they had to come back in the 3rd and 4th quarters and get the lead before reaching in, ripping out my heart, and stomping it to the ground. Yes, I cried. Don't judge me.

"Company" rehearsals are going quite well. I've felt very inspired to blog about the experience, or at least journal it offline, ever since finding this link last Friday. It's Kristin Huffman's ("Sarah" in the 2006 revival) journal of the process of putting the show together before it went to Broadway. I drank in every word she wrote and have since become rather obssessed with this amazing piece of theater we're putting together. Last night was our first full run through all of the music, and tonight, we start staging. ::claps hands excitedly::

So...I'm off to get some actual work done before slipping across the hall to News Services to watch the inauguration coverage. I hope to squeeze in a Teaser Tuesday later, but it may not happen. Happy Tuesday/Inauguration day!


  1. Sorry about the Eagles. I was rooting for them, too.

  2. I wish I would have worked out 3 times this weekend. Oops.