January 3, 2009

Babies, babies, babies...

It seems like EVERYONE I know is either pregnant or has just had a baby. I don't know what's in the water around here, exactly, but I'm staying away from it as long as I can!! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE babies, and I do plan to have one or more of my own some day. Also, I've got a little baby cough...nowhere near bad enough to be called baby "fever" yet, but it's there. I'm just not quite ready yet! We've only been married for four months, and we've got our hands full with the Operahaus.

However, when I see gorgeous gals like my friend Jessica (the obviously pregnant beauty in red in the pictures above), I get very sentimental and can almost hear my biological clock give out a few feeble ticks.

This afternoon was SO much fun, and I'm incredibly happy for Jessica and Jason. I have known them both since first grade, and they both were in my graduating class, along with Jessica's twin sister, Jodi (pictured on the other side of Jessica in the first picture), so it was really surreal to see her so far along in her pregnancy today. This was the same girl with whom I would slide down the slides with on the playground in first grade, while we both wore her big pink puffy coat (we'd put one arm in the sleeve closest to us, and wrap our inside arms around each other and zip the thing up before going down. It was great fun!).

So in the spirit of January's NaBloPoMo theme, "Change," I'm sitting here with a few tears pricking the backs of my eyes as I upload these pictures and reflect on how much time has passed and all the wonderful changes we can look forward to as adults...and how blessed I am to have known them for so long.

Congratulations to my dear friends. I can't wait to be Aunt Operawife to baby Ethan next month!


  1. Aww...That's a sweet blog.

    PS. You look gorgeous, my friend!

  2. Awww.... I've only been married since March & have had lots of questions (mostly from the potential grandmothers) about when there will be babies.