January 26, 2009

Pick me, pick me!

I am truly honored!

My wedding photographer, whom I have already mentioned is the best photographer ever (in my opinion anyway, I think mine is the only one that counts, so therefore...), has entered some of her favorite 2008 images into a "Best of 2008 Image Competition" contest by Modern Photographers.

I think ALL of the images she chose to enter are pretty amazing...

She has entered one of MY BRIDAL PORTRAITS into the category of "Bride-Alone." Are you curious as to which one???

This photo was taken behind the lobby doors of the Campus Theatre, which is where Operaboy and I met (oh so many years ago).

Unfortunately I can't ask you all to go and pad the votes for this image, because the winners will be chosen by other photographers...

But, if it wins, I get, to quote Lynn, a "huge stinkin' canvas of it." EXCITING!

Thanks so much, Lynn!! I'm truly honored that you love this picture enough to enter it into a competition!


  1. How exciting! What a great photo!

    (I tend to think my wedding photographer was the best ever, but I guess I'll settle for best in KC, since she's never offered me a huge canvas ;)

  2. Awesome! I love that picture of you. I hope you win! :) That would be awesome to have a big freakin' canvas. Heh.