January 2, 2009


Yes, that's how articulate I'm feeling right now: guh.

I'm EXHAUSTED! Suddenly it's almost 8pm? Where has the day gone? Oh yeah...woke up early, FiOS people came out (one of whom was a total dreamboat, btw...my mom and I were lovin' that), went to Home Depot twice, fought with the showerhead for about a half an hour, cleaned the refrigerator for what just might be the first time in 20 years, etc. etc. etc...

But we're here!!!! As of last night, we are officially inhabitants of the Operahaus. I do have more pictures, I just don't have the energy to upload them right now. And Operaboy is telling me that we have to go grocery shopping tonight (no! noooooooooo!!!!!!).

Tomorrow on the docket? Baby shower for a dear friend from High School (what, we're having BABIES now?? Geez) and continuing the unpacking process.

I hope the 2nd day of 2009 was fun for everyone...I'm gonna go crash on the couch until Operaboy peels me off to go shopping...

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